Hotel Directory

Hotel Directory
Dear visitor, we are glad to welcome you to our accommodation, to the furnished apartment << Maria >>! This part of our web site, gives you advises and some general information about the services we have available for our guests. Please do not hesitate to contact us, at We are also always available on the following telephone numbers +3022710 32751 or +30 6946822822 (mobile, whatsapp, viber and messenger) for further clarifications about the apartments or also about the island Chios.
Reception open 24 hours
Reception open for 16 hours, with internal or external telephone access. Our accommodation also provides an open reception 24 hours. I will appreciate your effort to communicate with us, before your trip to Chios. So you will be able to pre-organize your check – in immediately!
Wake up service 24 hours
Wake-up service 24 hours with internal call.
Air Conditioning & Heating
All rooms are equipped with air conditioning for your summer and winter service! Please use the air conditioner from the remote control, provided in each room in the existing settings! If you need help, please contact us for immediate help.

Central Port of Chios – Chios Airport << Homer >>
The main port of Chios for transportation of people and goods is located in the city of Chios and is 8 km away from our accommodation. If you wish transfer from the port of Chios please let us know in advance. And during your arrival we will be in a certain point to pick you up and drive you to the apartments.
Chios Airport is just 4, 5 km from our accommodation and you can ask for a transfer, if you wish. Always, we need to know in advance your exact arrival time to the island (for port or airport shuttle). If you have already arranged your vehicle, for your own convenience the coordinates of our accommodation are: 38.305294702958,26.1533403396606 please note that, to cover the distance from the harbor of Chios to our accommodation takes about 15 minutes and from Chios airport 10 minutes (max).
Departure and quick check out
The check –out / departure time is strictly 12.00 noon or earlier! With pleasure we can keep your luggage in a safe place, if your departure from the island is late in the afternoon or in the evening – night
Daily cleaning
The daily cleaning takes place late in the morning and is usually completed by midday, because we try to avoid inconvenience to our guests during the common quiet hours. We offer you always the flexibility and the afternoon daily cleaning, always upon agreement.
Each room has wireless internet access.
If you have any problems with your connection, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Pet – friendly accommodation
Our accommodation is friendly to the animals! For a of good living with all our guests we welcome you with your pet, limited to one (1) per room – reservation and weight up to maximum 9 kg (For your pet arrival we have to be informed during your reservation) . During your stay in our property the cleaning of the room will be based on a certain time, agreed between us in advance, so will be not an inconvenience of our other guests and we will avoid the possibility of an aggressive behavior of your pet.
Help Center
If you want to send an email, to print or to scan, please contact with us, we are always available to help you!
Shared Computer
For our guests needs there is a shared PC, for use please ask us

Shared Tablet
For our guests there is a shared Tablet, for use please ask us
Car rental – Vehicle rental
please contact us directly after your reservation or during your stay at our accommodation if you wish to rent a car, motorbike, bike, scooter or ATV. There is an updated list of phones and e-mail addresses from the reliable companies of the island. So you will be able to contact directly to ask for prices and more specific information.
Public buses
The city bus- stop ( blue line) located less than 50 meters from our accommodation. Ask us for an updated urban bus service. With this line you can visit the city and the harbor of Chios, the airport, specific areas of the famous “Kampos” of Chios, the 2 beaches nearby and two neighboring villages! For further exploration of the northern and southern parts of the island, you can use the long-distance buses (green line), their main office and starting point is based in Chios Town. Do not hesitate to ask us for green- line basic informations, routes and destinations. For further information and clarifications, we can communicate with their starting point (based on their working hours)
Disinfestation Our accommodation complies with the existing rules for hygiene and disinestation . In the accommodation we observe the process of insect repellence by a certified health care professional.
There is the Possibility to add a baby cot, without an additional charge, but always after prior arrangement .
Customer complaints
For any complains or suggestions after your departure, it will be a great pleasure to contact us! So please write us at:
It is our pleasure to hear your remarks!
It helps us become better!